Weight Management


Why is Weight Management Important?

Good nutrition and supercharging our immune systems are important factors to living stronger, more vital, and healthier lives. Our Weight Management program will help you on your journey to achieving a healthy sustainable weight.

What Conditions Can Weight Management Help?

Losing unwanted weight can reduce, and in some cases, eliminate issues with:

Anxiety Diabetes
Autoimmune Disease Fibromyalgia
Cardiovascular Disease Gastrointestinal Disorders
Chronic Pain Heart Disease
Depression High-BloodPressure


How Does the Weight Management Program Work?

At Sage Integrative Medicine we offer a comprehensive Weight Management program. Group Sessions are usually 90-minutes long and sessions span over 6-to-8 weeks. One-on-one sessions are also available.

What is Included in the Weight Management Program?

The program may include:

  1. Plan for Weight Reduction
  2. Weight Management and Resiliency
  3. Nutritional Wisdom to Create Vitality
  4. Eating to Live Free of Disease
  5. Movement Supporting Your Journey
  6. Restorative Sleep
  7. Cultivating Greater Meaning and Value
  8. Living Life Aligned with Your Core Values

Our Weight Management program also includes a workbook. The workbook is loaded with information and can be used for tracking your thoughts, challenges, and successes. This workbook will be a valuable resource long after you have achieved your goals.

For individuals scheduling one-on-one sessions, the workbook can be purchased for $15.oo.


We do not have to live our lives in pain. We do not have to rely on fad diets or take toxic medications to manage our healthiest weight. A commitment to mindfully eating nutrient dense foods as replacement for the standard American diet of processed food is part of the solution.

If you are ready for meaningful change, call 603.583.4780 for group sessions or one-on-one appointments.