Personal Transformation is possible.

Welcome to Sage Integrative Medicine.

At Sage Integrative Medicine, we practice a unique form of medicine. We interweave conventional medicine with complementary medicine.

Our Integrative Primary Care practice opened on February 2nd, 2010. As our practice grew we added a variety of complements. Our services now include Functional Medicine, Resiliency Training, Weight Management, Opioid Detox, Pain Management, and Medical Cannabis. We also offer specialized testing to develop profiles for gastrointestinal distress causes, nutritional imbalances, hormone levels, exposure to widespread environmental toxins, and genetic variations.

Personal Transformation

Our belief is that success is built upon a direct partnership with each patient. Together we explore a personalized wellness plan. The plan will provide a balance of self-nourishment, movement, restoration, self-expression, connection, and mindfulness.

This approach is often referred to as mind-body-spirit medicine. It can include lifestyle and meditation suggestions. It may include movement and breathing exercises. And, we might suggest Acupuncture, Acupressure, Acutonics, Herbal Medicines, Meditation, and Reiki as indicated. These techniques will maintain the highest standards of care where conventional medicine includes cultivating a personally meaningful sense of vitality and empowerment.

At Sage Integrative Medicine we address the whole person and not just immediate symptoms. Anyone with the following symptoms would benefit from our integrative care approach:

Anxiety Depression High-Blood Pressure
Arthritis Diabetes High-Cholesterol
Auto Immune Deficiency Fibromyalgia Insomnia
Cancers Gastrointestinal Disorders Obesity
Cardiovascular Disease Headaches Opioid Detox
Chronic Pain Heart Disease Perimenopausal Symptoms

A better state of health is attainable with compassion, guidance, listening, and respect. And, when patient and doctor partner on your personal transformation.

Ready for Meaningful Change?

Call 603.583.4780 for information on group sessions or one-on-one appointments. We are here to help.


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