Resiliency Training


Why Would I Need Resiliency Training?

The body balances dynamic interactions between our thoughts, feelings, physiology, and the outside world. How we respond to stress can result in manifestation of disease. How we respond to stress can slow our recovery and impact our resilience. Resiliency Training can help you deal with these stresses.

We offer a powerful Resiliency Training program for a life of health, vitality, and wellness. In this program you will learn the importance of mindfulness, relaxation, sleep, nutrition, and movement. You will acquire tools that will set in motion your path to a less stressful life.

What Conditions Can Be Improved with Resiliency Training?

Anyone with the following issues would benefit from our Resiliency Training:

Anxiety Fibromyalgia
Autoimmune Disease Gastrointestinal Disorders
Cardiovascular Disease Headaches
Chronic Pain Insomnia
Depression Obesity
Diabetes Perimenopausal Symptoms


How Does Resiliency Training Work?

When patient and doctor partner together through compassion, guidance, listening, and respect personal transformation is attainable. Healing, empowerment, and vitality are the rewards.

What is Included in the Resiliency Training Program?

The program sessions may include:

  • Stress Management and Resiliency
  • Stress Awareness
  • The Relaxation Response
  • Mending the Mind and the Body
  • Creating an Adaptive Perspective
  • Promoting Positivity
  • Healing States of Mind
  • Humor and Staying Resilient

The program also includes a workbook. The workbook is loaded with information. It can be used for tracking your thoughts, challenges, and successes. This workbook will be a valuable resource long after you have achieved your goals.

For individuals scheduling one-on-one sessions, the workbook can be purchased for $15.00.


This Resiliency Training program, developed by Benson Henry Institute, was originally available only at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Roemmelt is certified by the Benson Henry Institute to offer this comprehensive program.

If you are ready for meaningful change, call 603.583.4780 for group sessions or one-on-one appointments.