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The information on this page for Patient Information includes how to contact us, our office hours, what to expect during your first visit, our billing procedures, and service fees.

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How to Contact Sage Integrative Medicine

Phone: 603-583-4780
Fax: 603-821-0273

To contact us by email, you can use the form at the bottom of the page.


Contacting Us After Hours

For emergencies please call 911. For urgent matters, established patients may call Dr. Roemmelt’s cell phone.
For non urgent matters, leave a message at the main number 603.583.4780. You can expect a return call during the next business day.


Office Hours

Tuesday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Wednesday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Thursday 2:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Friday Hours available by appointment


Before Your First Visit

Once you have your first appointment, two important documents require your attention.

  1. New Patient Form – Please download, print out, fill-in, and FAX to 603.821.0273. Or, you can mail to Sage Integrative Medicine at .
  2. Medical Record Request Form – Please download, print out, fill-in, and provide to your previous primary care provider or other medical specialists.

It is preferred that we have your medical records before your first visit. However, if that can not happen please bring them with you.


Arriving for Your First Visit

Please try to show up 20 minutes prior to the start of your first appointment. Please bring with you:

  • New Patient Form (if not submit earlier)
  • Medical Records (if not submit earlier)
  • List of medications and/or supplements including dosage
  • Photo ID
  • Paperwork provided by other medical professionals or insurance company


During Your First Visit

  • The front desk receptionist will advise Dr. Roemmelt you have arrived.
  • Please plan to spend at least 60 minutes with Dr. Roemmelt.
  • Together you will review your general health.
  • Dr. Roemmelt will ask many questions to establish a baseline of your health.
  • You should also ask questions and express any concerns to Dr. Roemmelt.
  • Together, you and Dr. Roemmelt will develop short-term and long-term goals.
  • Before you leave, you and Dr. Roemmelt will review your summary letter.
  • She will provide you with your claim form with medical codes to submit to your insurance provider.
  • You will be on your way to your own personal transformation.

Note: Your confidential information will always remain secure in our digital file system per HIPAA requirements.


Tips for Your First Visit

  • Sage Integrative Medicine is a safe and confidential place.
  • You can share all of your concerns freely.
  • Be encouraged to ask Dr. Roemmelt any question you have.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for more information or for information to be repeated.
  • Listen carefully and take notes if you like.
  • Try to be on time for your appointment so you have plenty of time with Dr. Roemmelt.
  • You can download and print out the attached First Visit Reminder Form as a handy aide.


Billing Procedures

As of November 1, 2016, our billing procedures are as follows:

  • We have moved to an out-of-network practice and will no longer be billing insurance companies or Medicare directly.
  • However, we will provide you with a claim form with appropriate medical codes that you can submit to your insurance provider.
  • It is very important you review your policy or speak to your insurance benefits representative to understand your reimbursements and deductibles.
  • Many insurance companies recognize alternative medicines and will provide you with confirmation of coverage within your policy.
  • We will always instruct insurance companies to reimburse you directly.



Payment is anticipated at the time of your visit. Please refer to the list of fees below. For patients that come in frequently we are establishing a discounted prepayment fee of $110.00 for 25-minute appointments. Please ask Dr. Roemmelt about this option during your visit.

Type of Visit Time Cost
Initial Patient Visit 60 minutes $300.00
One-on-One 25 minutes $135.00
One-on-One 50 minutes $225.00
Group Sessions* 6 to 8 sessions $415.00

*Group Sessions include a workbook and included in the program cost.

Individuals scheduling one-on-one sessions can purchase the workbook for $15.00.


Non-Recoverable Service Fee

For Integrative Primary Care patients there is an annual non-recoverable service fee of $150 per person. This fee is not reimbursed by most insurance companies. This fee covers services associated with alternative and functional medicine. This fee enables us to limit the quantity of patients served. It ensures we provide the highest level of service, convenience, and accessibility to our established patients. In most cases an established patient can call by 11:00 AM and be seen on the same day.

This fee will be requested at your first visit and then after will be billed annually. Payment options are available as requested.

*This fee does not apply to patients participating in group sessions or one-on-one sessions for Resiliency Training or Weight Management. It does not apply to Functional Medicine patients participating in Detox Plans or Energy Improvement Plans.


Directions to Sage Integrative Medicine

Sage Integrative Medicine is located in Exeter Plaza. You can find our office by driving along the left side of the building to the back of Exeter Plaza. Go in the first door. Suite 10 is the first office on the right. If you prefer, you can park in the front of Exeter Plaza and enter through the West Wing door. Go down the hall as far as you can. Suite 10 is the last door on the left.

Sage Integrative Medicine
92 Portsmouth Ave, Suite 10
Exeter, NH 03833


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